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Hosting / join network:
Game-Point offers hosting to games sites on the condition that when your site is hosted with Game-Point, it must join The Game-Point Network at the same time. However, you don't have to be hosted by us to be a member of The Game-Point Network and recieve the other benefits! Just follow the instructions below to join the network and tell us that you want to keep your site where it is now. Being a member means accepting all the terms of being a member of The Game-Point Network. However, you benefit from the many advantages of being a member!

Hosting advantages
    - Your site will get 10MB space to start with on our server, and if needed, that space quota can be increased.
    - You will get a large amount of bandwidth for your site. Not unlimited bandwidth, but the statement 'unlimited bandwidth' can never be true, anyway, as there is always a limit imposed on the hosts by their connection.
    - You will get a shorter URL than if you were hosting on a free host like FortuneCity. For instance, if your FortuneCity URL is, your Game-Point URL might be

If you have your own domain, or do not wish to change your current site URL or be hosted with Game-Point, you can still join The Game-Point Network whilst not being hosted by us. There are certain conditions that you must abide by when joining, but there are also advantages of joining!

Joining terms
    - You must insert our counter image on the first page or index page of your site. This allows us to see how many visits your site recieves. The counter image is The Game-Point Network's linking button, so it also serves as a link back to The Game-Point Network's 'network central'. You must also insert the Game-Point HTML code at the top of every page of your site. This provides a link to other sites on the network, and may be used to display advertisements. The code will be given to you when you join The Game-Point Network, and we can give it to you again if you lose it. These changes must be made to your site within a week of joining The Game-Point Network.
    - Your site must be well designed, or at least not poorly designed. It needs to have a look of quality about it because we want the network to be comprised of quality sites. It must also be well-maintained and regularly updated if it is a news site, but we are prepared to allow games sites that don't require news updates to not be updated very often.
    - We would like your site to be getting at least 150 hits per day before you join The Game-Point Network. However, if the site is very new or very well designed, and has potential, we may accept a site that is getting less traffic than that.

Joining advantages
    - You will gain more hits for your site from The Game-Point Network. As well as being listed on the 'network central' site (the one you are viewing now), we will list all the network sites in the Game-Point code that every network site must have at top top of every page in their site. This will mean that visitors to other gaming sites on the network can see all the network sites at a quick glance, get information on them, and visit them.
    - Your site will have a shorter web address (URL) which will be easier for visitors to remember.
    - You will have the benefit of extra free programs, such as counters, guestbooks and mailing lists, to add interactivity to your site.

How to apply for hosting or join
To apply to join The Game-Point Network, please
contact us with these details:
    - How many hits/day your site currently gets (we would like a reference to a counter or tracker URL to show that your site gets this many hits).
    - Your current site's URL (it must be uploaded to somewhere on the web so that we can see its design quality).
    - How often your site is updated. If your site is updated sporadically, please give an average of how often it is updated (for example, if your site was updated 5 times on Monday, 5 times on Tuesday and 4 times on Saturday, it was updated 14 times in 1 week so, on average, it was updated 2 times per day).
    - Your contact e-mail address and preferably ICQ number (so we can talk to you more easily/quickly). ICQ can be downloaded from

To apply for hosting, please contact us with the above details as well as how much space your site will require.

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