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    21st September 2000
Case's Internet Gaming Ladder have launched a new service that allows people to create and run their own leagues. Admins of leagues can also benefit from revenue sharing. Sounds like a good idea to me :-) The website of the service is
    10th September 2000
New hosts :-( Again :-( The good news - I personally know the admin of this one and he is very good, and we are very unlikely to need to move from here.
    14th July 2000
The Game-Point tracker program has been finished! Member sites can now benefit from this.
    15th June 2000
We've gone back to the original hosts. Sorry about all this host swapping, but it's very difficult to find decent ones.
    27th May 2000
Just thought I'd take this opportunity to post a news update... we've recently moved hosts again, and if you can see this then all is well and good! The tracker program is also coming along nicely, and should be finished in a few weeks.
    24th March 2000
We're pleased to welcome yet another site to The Game-Point Network - The ST Source, run by StoverTech, has just moved in! Visit it sometime, it contains some interesting projects of his.
    23rd March 2000
Well, the transition to the new host hasn't gone as smoothly as we'd have hoped, so some things may be broken around here for a few days, but on the whole we're back up and running (just waiting for member websites to be re-uploaded now)!
    19th March 2000
It's been rather quiet for a while... we have been working away at several programs, one of which is a tracker to allow us and our affiliate sites to see their traffic statistics. Just thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy millenium from The Game-Point Network! On another note, we will shortly be changing hosts, so the network central and sites on the network may be down for a while - sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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